Fin Studio join the Studio Pip team!

Fin Studio join the Studio Pip team!


Welcome to the Fin World where geometric forms, symbols, and stories meet with colours.

Fin opened its virtual doors not long ago, in 2020. A place for my own designs & handmade products, items I liked to use and things that feel good. Fin is not only an online shop but also a creative studio in North London. I couldn't find a notebook that I liked, so I decided to try making notebooks with my designs. In time, I added new stationery products to help people get organized.

Fin designs have a colourful, minimal and lively structure. They aim for simplicity, ease of use and sustainability. Fin products are now sold in many beautiful independent shops in 80 different cities.

Today Fin offers a wide variety of products. In this small studio in North London, I first design, draw, then print, cut and sew. In other words, every step of a Fin notebook that you have received goes through my hands!

I hope you can find something of your soul in any Fin product and enjoy it!

Thank you for being here!

Ozge x

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