New brand alert! Meet the founders of Myga, an eco-conscious lifestyle brand

New brand alert! Meet the founders of Myga, an eco-conscious lifestyle brand

We are so pleased to announce we are now stocking Myga here at StudioPips. Read their story below to find out more out this ethical family owned business. 


Myga is an eco-conscious lifestyle brand founded in 2017 by Claudia and Jordan Price who, from a simple desire to build a common career that allowed them to spend more time together, built a lifelong dream. Myga is the amalgamation of a passion for everything holistic and expertise in product development bridged by a deep desire to create a better future for their family – whilst positively impacting the world.

Originally from Austria, Claudia’s professional background is deeply embedded in holistic practices; having taken the first step towards her inner self in her early twenties, Claudia travelled to India to achieve greater introspection. Throughout her journey through Asia, Claudia spent time in Ashrams and learned different meditation practices whilst embracing other cultures. This consequently led to Claudia’s first RYT 200hrs yoga teacher training course.

Creative, friendly, and compassionate; Claudia is an advocate for an eco-friendly lifestyle and hopes to inspire others to become more conscious of their choices on behalf of their mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.

Born and raised in the UK, Jordan’s passion for adventure and the ability to think outside the box has been the driving force behind his entrepreneurial profession. Practical thinking, intuitive leadership, and willingness to step into the unknown has facilitated Jordan’s successful career in import and export trade. With over 20-years of practical experience in product development, Jordan built and developed several successful businesses from the ground which all currently operate on worldwide markets. His can-do attitude and ambitious personality is reflected in all Jordans’ endeavours as he fosters a sense of trust and motivates the people around him.


The driving force behind the couple’s business is their two children, Ava and Phoenix, who reinforced their need to spend more time together as a family. Both in love with their careers, Claudia and Jordan decided to merge their expertise and create work that would be of value for the entire family, whilst positively impacting the world.

As a family-owned business, Myga is on a mission to inspire others to take a holistic approach towards an individual and collective wellbeing through creative practices and eco-conscious products – and it’s not planning to slow down anytime soon!

We are so excited to be stocking Myga here at StudioPips! We hope you love their products as much as we do.

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