Meet The Natural Spa Cosmetics

Meet The Natural Spa Cosmetics

Founded in 2016 ( incorporated in 2019), The Natural Spa originally started as a company that solely made good quality natural soaps. In 2017 we began our environmentally conscious journey. Single-use plastic was removed from our range. Our focus then switched to providing products that were not only great to use but promote a low waste and eco-conscious lifestyle. During 2020 we were able to move to our amazing workshop which gave Zoe the opportunity to bring some more members onto the team to provide a quicker turnaround for our growing customer base. Our growing team now handmakes all of our products in our workshop in Devon and we are continuously working to be as low waste as environmentally friendly as we can.

Environmental and sustainability policy

At The Natural Spa, it is one of our core values to be a sustainable brand that helps our customers to reduce their plastic usage and have a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Just producing plastic-free products isn’t enough, we work hard to ensure that the process from our workshop to your door is as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Environmental Values:

Helping people to reduce their wastage has always been and will always be at the heart of The Natural Spa, here’s what we are doing to be a more sustainable business:

  • Use recyclable or biodegradable packaging for our products.
  • Where possible our packaging is made from recycled materials
  • Buy locally where possible 
  • Collect used boxes from the local community to ship our products in
  • Source our ingredients from sustainable suppliers 
  • Work with our suppliers to have our ingredients sent in plastic-free packaging where possible
  • Consider the environmental impacts of ingredients when producing a new product
  • Recycle all of our waste where possible, if this is not possible we ensure that it is disposed of responsibly

Animal Welfare Values:

The Natural Spa is a 100% Vegan Company, here’s what we do to protect animals:

  • Never use any animal products or by-products in any of our products
  • Never have and never will test on animals or buy from a supplier who to our knowledge does
  • Support animal charities where we can. The current charity we are working with is Jacobs Ridge Animal Sanctuary
  • We never have any animal products within our workshop so can be sure there will never be traces of animal products found

Our Staff Values:

We work hard to make sure that our team is happy and are always looking for new ways to improve their experience of working with us.

  • We are an equal opportunities employer
  • We pay our employees a fair wage 
  • We offer flexible working hours to help our employees fit their job around their lifestyle.  


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