Olive + Wallis has now landed in store at Studio Pips!

Olive + Wallis has now landed in store at Studio Pips!

Olive and Wallis was founded by Alex and Laura, original fen girls and sisters.

Many months ago, when life was normal they talked of a venture, an enterprise, a dream to create a business. And then, when things were anything but normal Alex and Laura made a leap of faith.

Alex and Laura design and make jewellery that they hope you’ll love, for you or for someone you love.

Lots of their inspiration comes from pieces that have been handed down through their family. Keepsakes, family heirlooms and modern antiques. Both sisters are a sentimental pair when it comes to certain items of jewellery that they wear, because they were their mum’s or her mum’s. What the jewellery means and where they’re from makes both of them want to wear them more. They are everyday pieces of jewellery that look good and are special.

You may notice that Olive + Wallis have a love of coins. Alex and Laura's Dad bought their Mum a penny farthing ring back in 1963 and both of the sisters wear it. It’s easy to see why they love coins so much. They are a piece of the past, they can be very sentimental and they look awesome too!

Then there are the chains that Olive + Wallis make. Single, stacked, cable link, belcher, curb, satellite, paperclip, box, the variety is endless and if you find one you love, it will become your jewellery staple, whether you love it on its own, or layered with other chains and pendants.

Finally, you may notice all of the Olive + Wallis pieces have names.  This part seemed like a natural progression for the company as the jewellery names come from some of the special women in our lives.  First and foremost it's a nod to all the amazing women out there and what they achieve everyday.  It's all about sisterhood!

Both sisters are so excited to be starting out together, Olive + Wallis is a young business but Alex and Laura hope to build a foundation that will see their small business produce affordable heirloom pieces.

We are so excited to help Alex and Laura build their sisterhood empire and to now be stocking them at Studio Pips - See full range on our website now or visit us in Store today to shop in person!

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