Small & Wild. Meet the team behind the tea

Small & Wild. Meet the team behind the tea

Small & Wild was created by two mums with a love for tea and a desire to keep our little people healthily hydrated.
We wanted to share a wholesome cuppa with our small people, so we set about creating herbal and fruit tea especially for kids.


Small & Wild's award-winning herbal tea has been carefully crafted to perfectly suit little taste buds and tummies. The flavours are bold and vibrant, with unique combinations of yummy fruits, herbs and spices.

We are committed to making our products and packaging as people and planet-friendly as possible.



Our tea bags are made from Soilon, a biodegradable cornstarch and our clear inner bag is made of Natureflex. They are both fully compostable and we recommend disposing of them in your council food waste bin.



Our FSC-certified cartons are produced using sustainably sourced renewable resources. The printing process is chemical-free with vegetable-based inks. The cartons are not only recyclable but also compostable - so these can also be collected with food waste and will biodegrade within 12 weeks. 


Our ingredients are ethically sourced by our manufacturing partner, a small family run business in Kent, who have been sourcing high quality products, direct from origin for over 100 years.  



We love Small & Wild Teas here at StudioPips and we know you do too! Available in store in store and online here


At Studio Pips you will find an array of eco friendly, plastic free products which are ethically made by small businesses. From vegan soaps and eco friendly gifts to handmade jewellery. Diverse and inclusive children’s books to fabulous wall art. Everything we stock has been made by real people paid with a fair wage.

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