This months article : Shopping Pre-loved

This months article : Shopping Pre-loved

Hello and welcome to my third article! This month we will be talking about shopping pre-loved fashion. There’s a running joke in my family that if you want something, anything… I’ll be able to find it second hand for an absolute bargain price.

The facts are that when we buy pre-loved we are keeping good quality clothing from ending up in a land-fill. For instance, only 15% of consumer-used textiles are recycled, whereas the remaining 85% end up in landfills or are incinerated. Another factor is production, did you know it takes 2,700 litres of water to make one new cotton t-shirt?

Pre-loved shopping refers to buying clothes and accessories that have already been used by someone else and are now up for sale for a second time. So instead of just following trends and buying every other month, you can invest in some sturdy and stylish high quality products that will last you for several years.

A great reason to adopt this buying habit is that we all want our unique fashion sense to shine through. Shopping pre-loved items gives you access to so many different styles and you will be able to afford more which means more room for experimentation – just imagine being able to play around with an original 1980s leather jacket in your day-to-day look? Then again, shopping pre-loved doesn’t have to mean vintage, quirky items. You can find this seasons trends as well as timeless capsule pieces when you get searching. I recently picked up a HOBBS dress for £10 which was new with tags!

There is so much choice nowadays when it comes to shopping pre-loved:

Shopping online- There are an array of online stores where you can sell and buy pre-loved clothing. Our local buy & sell marketplaces are full of clothing items, the majority new with tags. Depop is a great place to find vintage, one of a kind items plus this seasons trends. Vinted has a huge range of brands from M&S to Zara.  eBay is especially great for buying age kids specific  bundles. Poshmark is great for higher end/designer pieces at a fraction of the original retail price.

In store-  Here in the UK we have a huge range of second hand clothing shops. By making the choice to shop pre-loved you will support the local businesses in your area that depend on obtaining these clothes, sorting and cleaning them, and then redistributing them to the market. Not only that, but when you shop from the charity shops we have in town you are contributing towards a fantastic cause. Remember, it’s unusual to find all the latest styles and trends in your local charity shops, so the key is finding timeless pieces that never go out of fashion.

Exploring charity shops and hunting through online stores is so much fun! It’s the best feeling when you find something  you love for an absolute bargain. You never know what treasure you might find!

My next article will be about reducing the amount of plastic we bring into our homes.

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