Welcome Alphablots!

Welcome Alphablots!

We are so pleased to announce we will be stocking a fabulous range from the wonderful, colourful Alphablots!


Alphablots are playful prints and gifts for kids and colour-loving grown ups, created by designer and illustrator Sarah Lewis.

Combining a love of letterforms with a commitment to bringing colour and fun to the formal constraints of typography, I create designs for adults looking to bring colour to a room and kids who are learning their letters. I developed my style whilst screen-printing. Working with overprints and intersecting shapes with just 3 trusty pots of ink – cyan, magenta and yellow.

“All Alphablots products are made within the UK by nice people with great credentials. I don’t and won’t work with anyone I feel is exploiting the planet or its people. It’s just not how I roll.”

By encouraging children to connect letterforms with physical objects the prints help them with their alphabet and look great on a nursery wall.

“Alphablots is a one size fits all kind of place so I don’t have separate ranges for boys and girls. From the outset I’ve tried to ensure all the prints feel as open and inclusive as possible. If you like it, it’s for you!”


“You might have noticed that I’m obsessed with primary colours. They brighten the greyest of days and bring happiness into our homes. There is scientific proof that young children love bold colours too. When colour vision kicks in, at about 3 months, red is the first colour babies see, and they are drawn to contrasting shades and primary colours first. Good to know if you’re buying a present for a newborn.”



“I used to screenprint all of my posters by hand. It was a labour of love and an excellent way to build biceps, but it became impossible to keep up with demand. I also had concerns about the environmental credentials of screenprinting at a large scale so I set about finding people who could work with me to produce my products. 

All of my products are made within the UK, and I would like it keep it that way.”


“As a paper-based company I am aware that there are very real environmental implications to the business.

I've looked into recycled stocks but it is actually harder to trace the origins of the trees when using recycled pulps. Because of this I use FSC-certified paper and wood, produced from well-managed forests which are being conserved for future generations.

All of my work is printed digitally, which eliminates the need for printing plates. The digital print process is also more efficient than traditional litho printing, requiring less energy and toxic chemicals and producing far less waste paper.

I love a bit of sparkle as much as the next person, but I don't use glitter in my work because this renders them un-recyclable. I don't laminate my cards for the same reason. Huge progress is being made in the development of bio-degradable processes though, so I'm hopeful that this might become an option for me soon.”


We hope you love the Alphablots range and their story as much as we do!

View the Alphablots range here


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