Welcome KB Premium Designs

Welcome KB Premium Designs

Welcome KB Premium Designs to StudioPips! We are so excited to be stocking this local small business. We love the sustainable and plastic free ethos Kylie has for her products. We hope you love them as much as we do.

About the owner… 

Hi I'm Kylie,  
So a little bit about me..I 
I was born in Devon in 1989 and relocated to Northamptonshire when I was just a teen, where I met my Husband Andy, aka, my quiet business partner, (whom I cant wait to employ full time at KB PREMIUM DESIGNS) one day!  
We have two beautiful off springs who keep me firmly on my toes (mainly for cooking, cleaning and mum's taxi service!)  
They are my world and inspire me every day to succeed and be the best I can be for them!  
My family are the most important thing in my being.
So a little more about me... 
My favourite colour is red. As you can see I have red hair too! 
I love candles !! - would you believe?  
My go to scent is mostly of a woody/ cashmere nature!  
My dream is to live in spain one day. I am totally obsessed with any programmes on tv in relation. 
My other favourite things to watch on tele are Dragons Den and The Apprentice! 
I am a easy going, bubbly person with quite a scatty character at heart but I always do have my ducks firmly in a row! Life would be boring if you were a plain jane! 
My favourite sauce is sweet chilli!! It would be on the list of things to grab if you only could choose a few! closely behind that - red wine or maybe that one should be first! 
I can talk for Britian! See I am doing it now! 
Anyway, lets move on,  
Alongside adoring a fresh, clean home, I absolutely LOVE anything homey to put in it. Buying things for my home has always made me feel happy, especially home fragrance! Spending many years in a career that enabled me to make other people's homes look and smell beautiful and to have the opportunity to get up close enough to appreciate luxury style, I knew homewares & home fragrance was a big interest of mine and something I would love to persue a career in. 
Perfection and eye for detail has always been a strong point of mine and was crucial in my earlier career. I will for sure be implementing this skillset in all aspects of KB PREMIUM DESIGNS.  
I am very excited to be on this journey and have a mind full of ideas to bring you a jam-packed catalogue, full of luxury! Even if that takes me 10 years! 
I do have to keep reminding myself to walk before I run though! 
So I decided to start with home fragrance, as this area will be the foundation of where the brand build begins! And who doesnt' love a candle!? 
I know I am facing a very saturated market and up against some remarkably successful brands, but I know what my brand offers is way up there with them too, and by offering something new, unique and bespoke to the homeware and gifts market, we will soon be sitting right up there next to them! 
Thanks for reading! 
My favourite quote... 
"Quality always over quantity" 
We LOVE Kylies passion for her products. Shop the range here 
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