Beach Born Salcombe LTD lands at Studio Pips!

Beach Born Salcombe LTD lands at Studio Pips!


After struggling with conception, followed by a tricky pregnancy, the idea of being able to spend more time with my new son motivated me to do something new. I wanted to create something that was relevant to my new life as a mum, and not only involve him but also encompass my love of Salcombe, the beach, and nature.

My go-to, as a new mum, was the muslin cloth. I loved how versatile this little piece of material was and I literally used it for everything. However, I wanted more than just a 'burp' cloth. I wanted something that felt super soft, washed well and looked good.



Living in the picturesque seaside town of Salcombe with its unspoiled beaches, dramatic cliffs, and stunning scenery it made the perfect backdrop for Beach Born and is where the initial design inspiration originated.



There have been a lot of new adventures since launching our small business, both in our work and family lives. On the 21st April 2022, we brought our second Beach Born baby into the world and we are now blessed with two beautiful boys - Max and Finley.

As for business, we are so grateful that our Beach Born products are being sold by beautiful shops in Salcombe and around the UK. Likewise, we are also proud to be stocking a variety of products created and sold by amazing independent businesses. Supporting these businesses is now more important than ever!

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