Bibinee Dolls

Bibinee Dolls

Bibinee Dolls is an early years toy brand intent on teaching and showing children diversity in their everyday life. Socialisation using toys is a major way of reinforcing diversity and acceptance among children as also works to show representation as well.


The name Bibinee, which in the Ghanaian language Twi, is slang for black (bibinii), is a nod to the heritage of the brand's founders. As is the kente and ankara print clothing found on some of the dolls in the collection. These considerate touches seek to further show cultural pride and reinforce a child’s sense of belonging and curiosity.


Not only are these toys great for education and fun for your children but they are also environmentally friendly. Bibinee do their best to help the planet with their biodegradable and recyclable packaging. Furthermore, the dolls are made from recycled plush and fibres and then embroidered to avoid plastic use during the development process.



We are excited to welcome Bibinee to the family and hope that the toys will bring joy to your children while teaching them about culture.

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