Bloom Puzzles: Where Mindfulness and Artistry Connect

Bloom Puzzles: Where Mindfulness and Artistry Connect

Welcome to Bloom Puzzles, your gateway to mindful gifts and artistic jigsaw puzzles! The sustainable, British-made jigsaw collection offers a serene escape from the chaos of everyday life and keeps the environment in mind too!

Inspired by Phillipa’s cherished Christmas tradition of lighting candles and doing puzzles, she believes in the transformative power of puzzles, candles, and music. Each puzzle is thoughtfully chosen to create a relaxing experience, from the moment you unwrap it to the final piece being fitted into place. With attention to detail and a touch of mindfulness, Bloom Puzzles aim to bring you joy, relaxation, and a sense of accomplishment.


The puzzles have a large range of scenic pictures from the beach to a picturesque snowy landscape. All the jigsaws are designed by local artists who showcase their artistic talents in bringing these scenes to life. Each puzzle comes with its own candle and scent that can be bought separately as well as its own Spotify playlist, intent on making the perfect combination of relaxation and mindfulness.


These puzzles work as both self-care and gifts for others all year round. They are perfect for a logical, methodological person or someone who enjoys the piecing together the parts of an unfinished picture. They can also be a gentle way of practicing mindfulness if you are unsure of where to start!

Bloom puzzles are made in Britain from thick, environmentally responsible recycled board with a lovely matt finish, which avoids reflection under artificial light and makes for a perfect 

You can discover the beauty of Bloom Puzzles and embark on a mindful journey today in store or online at Studio Pips. 


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