Custom Embroidery by Alex Vincent

Custom Embroidery by Alex Vincent

Sustainable Custom Embroidery lands at Studio Pip 


At Studio Pips we are passionate about sourcing sustainable and eco friendly products, even more so when they are rooted in the rich history of our very own area! 


Alex is a 2019 graduate of Nottingham Trent University with a first-class degree in Textile Design. He has received the Embroiderers Guild graduate award and has exhibited at the Knitting and Stitching show as well as Manchester Art Gallery and Nottingham Castle.


Alex focuses on zero waste and slow textile design with both sustainability and accessibility at its heart. Utilising both traditional and contemporary techniques with a strong interest in the history of place, heritage craft and working with nature.


His work is rooted in the history of where we live and is expressed through his analysis of maps. This can be seen through archaeological features, ancient woodland or place names. Maps are personal and important to the artist, and he intends to explore this further in future work.


All of Alex’s work is unique to the customer and in store and online we have custom made embroidered maps of Melton Mowbray and the surrounding areas. These are featured as small hanging art, keyrings, bookmarks and more. They are perfect for showing off your own heritage and introducing yourself to the rich history of Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire. To explore his work further take a look at his Instagram and Website as his collection also expands to jewellery with natural and handmade earrings and rings.

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