F.E.T.E From Earth To Earth

F.E.T.E From Earth To Earth

joyful everyday

We transform everyday essentials into little moments of joy for you and the planet, helping you to look good, feel good and do good.


our story

f.e.t.e was founded by Jason and Abigail. A couple devoted to finding natural options which contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet.


“Growing up in Maine, I was fortunate enough to live where I was always just steps away from the lakes and wilderness to enjoy and explore. I recall how much joy there was in being in the untouched woods behind my house and to drink a handful of water from a nearby stream without any concern of pollution. Today, I would think twice before doing so – which is sad. And now that we have children, my wife and I wanted to do something that would help preserve and protect the environment for future generations to enjoy, and this is how ‘f.e.t.e‘ evolved.”


the mission

We believe it’s important to raise awareness of pollution issues and encourage people to help minimise our collective impact on the earth in any way they can.

We throw away 7.2 million KGs of plastic toothbrushes every year. That’s 3.6 billion toothbrushes used globally each year.

Obviously, the problem isn’t solved by getting rid of toothbrushes – oral hygiene is very important. What we need to do is change the way we manufacture or what we are manufacturing with. From this point of view we take the extra step and effort to make use of natural materials to create every day items (like toothbrushes) which help the environment, fit within budget, look amazingly good, and feel good to use. We’ve made it easy for you to make the switch and take f.e.t.e® in your own hands and know that you are making a difference – even if one brush at a time.


We believe it’s important to raise awareness of pollution issues and encourage people to help minimise our collective impact on the earth in any way they can. We can help by providing every day products crafted using natural and sustainable resources; resources that come as direct from the earth as possible which can then – after it’s usefulness has passed – return to the earth as part of the natural and ecological order of things.

f.e.t.e® additionally support The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organisation, a charity whose mission is to reverse the decline of the plant and animal kingdoms and our environment through education and implementation of effective solutions.


What can one person do?

Almost every person on Earth uses a toothbrush each and every day. These eventually end up in landfills. There are DECADES of brushes that have been made from plastics and some also contain electronics. In fact, every year more
than 50 MILLION pounds of toothbrushes are disposed of in landfills in the United States alone. It can be an overwhelming thought to consider what impact a single person could possibly have on this situation and we felt the issue was not necessarily with the consumers. But if consumers were offered the opportunity to make a difference simply by switching to a more eco-friendly option, just by changing to f.e.t.e®, every individual would make a difference.
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