Goodstart Jones. Well-made, long-lasting, and functional bags

Goodstart Jones. Well-made, long-lasting, and functional bags

All About Us
Quality to us is owning a bag that isn't going to fall apart within a few weeks". 
Anson Carridice-Davis| Lead Designer

Operating a bag manufacturing company ensures that each product we offer is well-made, long-lasting, and functional. To make this happen, there was no other alternative except to set up our own manufacturing workshop, in order to ensure high-quality fit and finish.
To earn the title of“Handmade” involved creating a custom built space / workshop with specialist equipment. The use of good quality fabrics or raw/natural additional materials. Additionally, learning new skills and developing existing crafts.
The main key to our success, is working with people who genuinely enjoy the process of creating items with a passion for excellence.
The foundation of Goodstart Jones operates on a set of important concepts and principles, which are listed below:
Goodstart Jones | 4 Key Ideas & Principles

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