How Can You Be Sustainable?

How Can You Be Sustainable?

How can you be Sustainable?


Nowadays, with sustainability and responsibility being at the forefront of everything we do, it can be difficult to keep up with the numerous ways in which we can be sustainable and responsible with our purchases. To make some of these clearer, I will be writing some blogs for both our small local businesses and you, the customer to better navigate the world of environmentally friendly products and services.


First of all, being eco-friendly and sustainable IS a good thing. You may be rolling your eyes at me and thinking well duh! Of course, it is. However, thoughts do not always translate to actions and because of the huge community and many ways we have of being eco-friendly, it can sometimes be difficult knowing where to start. So don’t get bogged down by what everyone is shouting at you to do, take your time and become sustainable in a way that matters to you.


Down below are the Studio Pips Team top tips for being a responsible consumer!



  1. Support Local Businesses                


  • Support your neighbours and local communities! Every small purchase towards a local business has a lower carbon footprint and that means you do too! It also makes an actual person do a Happy Dance!


  1. Slow Fashion over Fast Fashion
  • Fast Fashion is known for being super speedy and having trendy clothes and even speedier deliveries, however fashion in this way creates lots and lots of greenhouse gases and nasty emissions that harm the planet! When we say slow fashion, we mean timeless high-quality clothes that you can wear over and over again without them breaking or needing to be thrown away!


  1. Recycle!
  • Again, this might seem like common sense, but recycling is important! We don’t just mean recycling at home either, we mean choosing products where the packaging is recyclable or made from recycled materials. You can also find ways to reuse product packaging, so it is not just single use! We encourage all our suppliers and product partners here at Studio Pip to make their packaging eco-friendly!


Change doesn't always have to be big! Little by Little we can help the planet!



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