Karen Dawn Kurtis now stocked at Studio Pips

Karen Dawn Kurtis now stocked at Studio Pips

Karen is a Ceramic artist based on the south coast of Dorset.

“I have produced aesthetic art pieces for many years but have recently rediscovered throwing and become struck by the unique appeal of ceramics as functional art. Inspired by the South West as a place where rugged nature has been lived in but not lost, I create my different collections to explore the point where beauty and practical purpose meet.”

“I have always been fascinated by the naked surface of clay. I add oxides to the clay body to create the exterior colours without having to mask the natural texture of the material. The interior surfaces of the functional pieces are glazed to ensure that they are food safe. In developing these glazes I have discovered a rich palette of colours which are reminiscent of South West itself. It is my hope that this work is art which will be touched, used and treasured.” 



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