Little Egret Funky Designs Come to Studio Pips

Little Egret Funky Designs Come to Studio Pips

Founded by Kate Scott, Little Egret Design offers a range of colour popping products with a quirky personality. With a huge passion for retro design and a need for a creative outlet, Little Egret Design was born.


Her fun products are made in the heart of Nottingham, Sherwood forest and give a fresh feeling to organising and planning. Menial tasks of meal planning, grocery shopping and making notes are made all the more fun with her exciting range of stationary. Send unique greeting cards not seen anywhere else and make your friends, family and co-workers share a smile at her wonderful retro designs. Not only this, but her also uniquely patterned retro cushions will make an amazing addition to sofa, ottomans or any bedspread you can find.


She focuses on sourcing sustainable materials for all her products, aiming to make the environment happy as well as her customers.

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