Meet Push Design - Illustrators and makers at heart

Meet Push Design - Illustrators and makers at heart

In the words of Push design duo Dani & Kirsty

Our Story

We are Push Design, based in the seaside town of Ramsgate. Started by me (Dani) and then later joined by my sister Kirsty. Illustrators and makers at heart, we hand draw all of our textile collections before the fabric is produced 20 minutes down the road in Faversham. Our illustrated ceramics are fired 10 minutes away at a not-for-profit pottery studio.

Sustainability is huge for us, we only get one shot at living on earth as gracefully as possible. Which is why all of our textiles and ceramics are organic and mindfully created, produced in house by us and in collaboration with other small makers.

We release new prints in a signature range of products, including lampshades, headbands, eye masks and more, every few months. In-between collection releases we love collaborating with other small businesses with like-minded values, offering you something special that you can't buy anywhere else. Participating in a small business economy that benefits everybody involved. 


Our sourced items such as rugs and incense are all fair-trade and good weave certified, we believe that everyone, around the world should benefit from fair wages and working conditions.

Ultimately our goal is to mindfully create, collaborate and source super cute homewares and accessories that will bring you joy for years to come.



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