Meet the Maker, Xander Kostroma Jewellery

Meet the Maker, Xander Kostroma Jewellery

Here at StudioPips we support and stock small brands from small businesses. We love hearing our brands stories and their journeys from initial ideas to the finished products. 

We spoke to Xander, designer and maker behind the gorgeous Xander Kostroma Jewellery range we stock here at StudioPips. Xanders bohemian inspired pieces are uniquely crafted for women who are looking for a deeper connection when it comes to their own sense of fashion and personal style

We asked Xander to give us an insight into his brand, his inspirations and his brand journey. 


Xander was born into a single parent, working class family in Swansea. Aged just 16, he found himself homeless. Thick skinned, he knew that his first priority was for him to earn a living. He found a job working nights as a pot washer at a local restaurant, while during the days, he continued his studies in school. A year later, he left the restaurant to work in the coffee shop at Marks & Spencer's.

Xander was promoted to store Visual Merchandiser which was where his interest in fashion began. Moreover, he realized his passion for jewellery. At 19 he left M&S to start his first company selling ex high street clothing on eBay which was where he learnt about selling online.

His interests continued to grow

Aged 22, Xander accepted a head office role in Manchester working as an Assistant Merchandiser for JD Sports. Xander lived in Manchester for 2 years until 2012 when he emigrated to Ticino, Switzerland to work in a head office role at Vans.

He left VF International late 2013 to go freelance. In 2015, he founded his company Xander Kostroma Fashion Ltd acquiring an exclusive license to produce jewellery and accessories for a UK brand, launching the division.

In 2018, Xander left the license to concentrate on his own projects, one of which was the successful creation of his own name collection; Xander Kostroma® which he launched though his UK concessions Freeman’s & Look Again. The successful launch cemented a name for himself as a stand alone brand.

The global pandemic affected us all. It was during summer 2020 that Xander left Switzerland and relocated to Lisbon, Portugal and has happily settled into his new Portuguese life. 🇵🇹


The Living Wage Foundation

Xanders brand is an active member of The Living Wage Foundation meaning we recognise that minimum wage isnt enough to live on. We actively pay above the mininimum wage to all of our employees and contracted staff.


From the work studio to the final campaign image - all of our jewellery can be traced directly back to the source

As part of our AW collection, we teamed up with a small, family-run factory based in Wenzhou City. We asked them specifically to produce our 100% cotton shoppers.

We chose this factory because they resonated with our own ethics on both a personal, and a moral level.

As a company, we strive to give opportunities to independently run, small businesses (like us!) where each employee is treated with respect and is counted as more than just a number.


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