Mini-Whale Handmade Keychains

Mini-Whale Handmade Keychains


The Studio Pips team is delighted to announce the stocking of Mini-Whale accessories.


Mini-Whale was founded in 2021. The brand specialises in children’s toys and sustainable accessories and clothes. Each and every item is handmade with natural materials chosen specifically in mind for young children’s sensitive skin.


We now stock Mini-Whale hair accessories and keychains. The highly unique custom designs are a great way to show off your style. The products are all crocheted by hand and have a cute and fun vibe for both adults and children . You can personalise your bags, keys, and accessories with a keychain of your favourite animal or gift a handmade hair clip or headband to a family member.


We have 15 different variations of keyrings and 10 different styles of clips for you to try.


Don’t miss out, come and find your favourite!


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