My Noodle Bug is now at Studio Pips

My Noodle Bug is now at Studio Pips

Emma is a Graphic Designer of almost 20 years, and she is very passionate about typography, well paired fonts, colour palettes and hand drawn illustrations.

My Noodle Bug started when Emma's family situation changed and she began looking for some simple typographic art, celebrating her new family set up. When she couldn’t find anything with the originality that she was looking for Emma decided to produce some herself.

Emma shared the work on social media and the before she could say “blimey that’s a nice sans serif” she had requests from people from all over asking to create prints for their friends and family.

Now Emma happily runs her little business, making beautiful, personalised prints and illustrations from her home in Rutland, where she lives with her son Jude (Noodle) and her daughter Darcy (Bug), her lovely man Wayne, and step daughters, Robyn and Meredith and their gorgeous black Lab, Hugo.

Emma loves what she does and hopes you like her work too. Noodle Bug always aim to create art that Emma herself would be happy to have on show in her home. Emma has designed the products in her shop carefully knowing these particular prints can be beautifully personalised and hopefully become something to be treasured.

So have a browse of Emma's work on the Studio Pips website and in store. You can also now click and collect for free from our Shop in Melton Mowbray.

Welcome to the shop Emma!

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