Raspberry Blossom Now In Store

Raspberry Blossom Now In Store

Welcome to the wonderful world of stationary! We are excited to welcome Raspberry Blossom to Studio Pips and we can't wait for you to get your hands on their products. 

We spoke to the founder and creative genius behind Raspberry Blossom to show you all why her products are so special. Rebeccas brain child started in 2014 on the side of them working in marketing in London. As shown by her amazing success and growth Raspberry and Blossom has since bloomed ;)

Get to know Rebecca and Raspberry Blossom Below...


I actually bought the domaine name Raspberry Blossom after I left university in 2006 as I always wanted to set up a business of my own. I had grown up with my parents running a jewellery design and manufacturing business for over 30 years, so it was always something I aspired to so and definitely influenced me in my own career. After almost ten years working as a designer for marketing agencies, turning 30 and settling down with my now husband Mark, I thought if I didn’t set up a company now then when would I?
I have a little memory box with lots of greeting cards which I have kept since I was little, these are treasured memories from my friends and family and some people who are no longer here. I have also started one for both our children to look back on when they are older. I just love how a piece of folded card has the power to bring a smile to people’s faces by spreading messages of love and joy and furthermore, creates special memories and moments through the connection of people. I am also a total stationery addict! I remember going to visit family in Hong Kong when I was younger and being blown away by the incredible pens, stickers, rubbers and so many wonderful stationery products. 
After so long in the marketing industry working for clients I wanted to express myself as a designer and create products that I love. With my passion for greeting cards and as they are a great medium for artists and designers to be so creative, each one like a little little piece of art, it felt like the perfect fit for me. 
I decided the best way for me to start was to give myself a deadline and book a trade show. I booked the largest one; Spring Fair in Birmingham! People did think I was a little crazy booking one of the largest trade shows, but I was familiar with the show as my parents exhibited there for so many years and I had visited it from a young age. It just felt right. So I then spent the next few months in evenings and weekends designing my first ever greeting cards. I launched with 8 collections with around 8 - 10 designs in a collection. I can still remember the moment the first shop placed an order at that show, it felt so surreal that my products would be on their shelves both me and Mark squealed with excitement when they left the stand!  
Colour in the everyday whether it’s from a beautiful plant in someones garden to a great colour combination on a building. I love colour and creating amazing colour combinations that lift your mood. I am a also big lover of fashion and textiles; my dream job at university was to work as a designer for Vogue magazine, so my designs are definitely influenced by the catwalk. I also love interiors and hope one day Mark and I can buy a little project and do up our dream home - obviously with lots of colour in it! I am also a sucker for lovely packaging and always make sure our products are tactile with the paper stock we use or the print finishes we have. I want people to really feel the love and quality that has gone into each printed item. The other big influence is our loved ones especially our children, lots of the characters on our children’s greeting cards are their favourite animals. Ophelia is also a huge lover of drawing and at age four is obsessed with creating her own cards. The other day she drew a beautiful rainbow flower which I have redrawn and is going to be on one of new 2024 products :)
All of our products are printed in the UK and we always make sure that when working with manufacturers they have amazing eco friendly credentials. Sustainability and ethical production is at the heart of the printers we use for our greeting cards, they ensure that they are local sourcing, have a dedicated recycle system and are constantly designing more efficient machinery and processes to help the environemt. And of course all of our paper for all our products are FSC certified.
Joyful, Colourful and Inspiring
Clearly Rebecca and Mark's hard work has paid off! We hope you enjoy Raspberry Blossom products as much and we do!


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