Slow Fashion

Slow Fashion


This blog has a focus on sustainability as much of our website does but we would like to continue educating you on how to become more sustainable so this quick read should help you become a little more knowledgeable on how you can be sustainable.


Slow Fashion has become increasingly popular in recent years and for good reason! Slow fashion is good for you, good for small businesses and even better for the environment. So here is a brief summary of Slow Fashion, its impacts and how it can be beneficial to you and me. At Studio Pips we believe strongly in Slow Fashion and present it in store through our reworked denim ranges as well as an entire room of the shop being dedicated to preloved clothes.


First of all …

What exactly is Slow Fashion?
A simple definition would be that it thinks about all the processes involved with creating garments and buying high quality clothing because of this. Buying clothes in this way is an eco-conscious mindset whereby helping the environment you are rewarded by long-lasting high-quality clothes!



How is Slow Fashion good for the environment?

As the name implies, Slow Fashion is slow, which means clothes are bought less, unlike fast fashion which encourages purchasing of new garments to keep up with trends and seasons. These clothes tend to be of lesser quality and come at the expense of over worked people and the environment.

Slow fashion encourages buying clothes less because the clothes you do buy are of higher quality meaning they last longer. This doesn’t always mean buying brand new clothes either! It could mean purchasing something second hand or making it yourself! This way less harmful chemicals and toxins are released into the atmosphere.


What can you do?

We have already mentioned a few ways that you can get involved with the slow fashion movement but there is plenty more that everyone can do! Here are our top ways of getting involved with Slow Fashion.


  1. Read up on the ethics policies of fashion companies you buy from. Knowing the sneaky ways in which fast fashion companies operate is one of the first steps on your journey. Even if it doesn’t stop you buying from them completely it might make you think twice about how often you do!
  2. Shop Local. We can’t preach this enough!! Local small businesses are much more likely to handmake clothes rather than using big polluting machines to. These clothes will be of high quality, and you will probably know exactly who has made them too.
  3. Second Hand. There seems to be a stigma about shopping second hand but there really shouldn’t be! Second hand clothes are great for growing children who seemingly need new clothes every week or for rag tag outfits meant to be worn around the house. There is nothing a good wash cant sort and seasoned shoppers can often find the best of goodies. Sites like depop and vinted are perfect for shopping second hand clothes.


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