Studio Pips Custom Denim

Studio Pips Custom Denim

We have now started stocking custom made unique denim! For everyone to get some insight into how we bring these creative pieces for you all to wear, this blog is going to focus on our process of making the Studio Pips custom denim pieces! As with everything we do, we want to keep our sustainable eco-friendly lifestyle and ethic in everything we produce so we follow some pretty simple steps to achieve this timeless finish.


All our jackets and denim pieces are sourced from local sellers where from there they make their way up to the Studio Pips workshop. Did you know you can also host your own workshops here! Get in contact with the team to find out more. We use only the highest quality denim such as Levi or Guess to avoid fast fashion and keep your clothes lasting for much longer. So far we feature jackets, dungarees and jeans!


Once the denim has made its way to us then one of our fabulous team will hand select and choose an array of custom unique patches, sequins or embroidery to bring the perfect jacket to life. Each piece of denim is highly unique and can feature up to 10 patches of fun exciting decoration. We have a variety of different themes from space, animals to flowers!


Once selected, the embellishments are hand sewn and stitched onto the garment for a wonderful sparkly finish. Once this stage is complete we will pop them onto the website and display them in store ready for you to take home your new timeless denim clothing! 


If you are browsing our denim collection and desire something or a theme we don't stock, get in touch with our team for any special requests and we will act on these and make sure that you get you dream denim jacket. Let us know the size and theme you would like and we will do our best! 

You can get in contact with our team using the website or Instagram! 

Happy Shopping!

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