Sustainability In 2024; Be Your Best Self!

Sustainability In 2024; Be Your Best Self!


Make 2024 a great year for you and the planet by making new habits and breaking old habits. You could try and do all of these or even just 1 thing off of the list.


  1. Manage your food waste
  • Eat what you have in the fridge instead of buying new things. This one is so easy to do and good for the environment. Extra food left over from Christmas dinners and big meals can easily be made into other smaller lunches such as chicken sandwiches! You will be surprised by all the things you can make out of leftovers! My favourite account on Tiktok right now is @mirendarosenburg. She has all sorts of wonderful home tricks for managing food in the home!


  1. Learn how to sew
  • Repairing small nicks and holes in clothes is a simple and easy way to avoid falling into the consumerism trap where we feel the need to replace everything straight away when we can easily repair it ourselves. It’s better for the planet and good for your pockets! To get you started take a look at the wiki how page and explore from there


  1. Avoid single use plastics
  • Avoid using plastic shopping bags, take your own with you. Invest in a water bottle and reusable straws! We are currently loving these tumblers by Neon Kactus! You can also find these on our website.


  1. Buy from sustainable businesses
  • Shop around to find the best fit businesses for your needs. Local butchers, fish mongers and grocers rely on their communities to stay in business. There is also a very high chance that the quality of their products is much better than chain supermarkets!


  1. Use cars less
  • This one really depends on your own personal preferences, however pollution from petrol and diesel was estimated to account for at least 26% of greenhouse emissions in the Uk. Switch that 5 minute drive for a walk or take the train into the city for day trips. Sharing and carpooling are great ways to limit your carbon footprint too.


Here we have our favourite of the thousands of ways to be more sustainable in your everyday life. These are easily adoptable and some take minutes to do! While we alone aren’t responsible for the future of the planet, it all starts with one person and their own personal actions. We hope you manage to adopt some of these and we would love to hear your own tips and tricks to being more sustainable too!

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