Welcoming My Doris to the Studio Pips Family!

Welcoming My Doris to the Studio Pips Family!


My Doris is a brand grown with love by founder Katie Williamson from her home in Suffolk and named after her mother. She had a keen interest and passion for vintage jewellery that she grew into a business she could run from home around her children’s schedules.


Katie loves to travel, and along the way she has made lasting connections and strong relationships with people from all over the world, wanting to bring not only high-quality homeware, jewellery and accessories but different cultures back to the UK and into your homes.


Every piece within their collections is hand-made and hand-designed using traditions, techniques, textures and tones from India, Uzbekistan, Turkey, and Vietnam that give every My Doris piece a unique imprint and unmatched quality. Their array of collections has a range of artisanal handcrafted jewellery and accessories to choose from, all coming in an array of bright colours and exciting designs.


Come down to Studio Pips or shop the My Doris collection online now. Find the perfect bag, keyring or bracelet meant just for you.

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