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Claire Elsworth Design

Botanical Delphine Tea Towel

Botanical Delphine Tea Towel

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Pale blue botanical tea towel featuring English garden flowers in symmetrical design. Complete the set with Botanical Joliette and Botanical Purple tea towels.
Perfect as a lovely gift for someone special who loves flowers!
Made in UK from 100% cotton.

Designed, printed and made in the UK.
47 cm x 68.5 cm approx.
Machine washable.
Care label.
Handy hanging loop.
Ethically sourced cotton.
Sustainable digital printing method producing zero waste.

Claire Elsworth’s unique hand drawn motifs draw inspiration from her intriguing concept stories about an imaginary Duchess called Violacea Macrobothrys and the romance and opulence of her beautiful old house.

Design concept story:
‘She would walk, skirts brushing against perfumed blooms lining the edges of the ornately symmetrical paths of the manicured formal garden, leading to her own private garden. Here she would weave her way dreamily in and out of her secret places, secluded spots and hidden arbors tending her flowers and later, heady with the scent of sweet peas, rest in the shade of an ancient tree full of whispering memories and lost thoughts whilst she read her private correspondence’.

Product Dimensions

68.5x47 cm

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