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Lantana Publishing

You’re safe with me : Environmental Children’s Book

You’re safe with me : Environmental Children’s Book

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When the moon rises high and the stars twinkle, it is bedtime for the baby animals of the Indian forest. But tonight, when the skies turn dark and the night grows stormy, the little ones can’t sleep. SWISH-SWISH! CRACK-TRACK! FLASH-SNAP! goes the storm. Only Mama Elephant with her words of wisdom can reassure them. “You’re safe with me.”

This beautiful picture book by Chitra Soundar and illustrated by Poonam Mistry is a wonderful book for bedtime. A soothing bedtime read that will wrap your child up in a warm tale of Mama Elephant and her reassuring words to the baby animals of the Indian forest.

This book has a soothing song-like  rhythm, the perfect lullaby for reluctant bedtime toddlers. The illustrations are truly stunning – young children will me mesmerised by the geometric patterns, and searching for the baby animals hidden within them.

Chitra Soundar is an Indian-born British author and storyteller, who has published more than 30 books inspired by the rich heritage of folktales from India and India's natural beauty.

Kate Greenaway Medal 2019 shortlist
A Guardian Children’s Book of the Month

Author: Chitra Soundar

Illustration: Poonam Mistry

Age: 2+ years

32 pages - Hardback 

Printed on FSC certified paper with non petroleum based inks

Award winning children's book publisher and social enterprise, Lantana Publishing, have a mission to publish inclusive books that are changing the game of publishing, commissioning books that celebrate diversity, equality, and environmental sustainability. In the UK, a third of school children identify as being Black, Asain, or Minority Ethnic (BAME), but yet less than 5% of books are representative of BAME characters. Further to this, less than 2% are authors or book creators represented by British people of colour, even less than this are representative of the LGBTQ+ communities or disabled. Lantana believes that every child deserves to see themselves in the books they read. 


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